This Week In Australian Property #39

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  • by Leanne Brinkies
  • 20 Sep

Another week of Australian property news!  I can’t believe how fast this year is going.

There are a couple of reports out this week on housing prices over the last quarter that are worth reading to understand market changes in your state. I’ve also found an interesting article on apartment prices and how these can fluctuate substantially within the same street pending the postcode – in some instances by more than $800,000!

As we all know it was kitchen reveal week on The Block.  What did you think?  It seems so simple, but getting the functionality right is so important.  We recently moved into a new place, and our kitchen has got so many things wrong – I’m starting a list so when I design my own I can make sure to not make the same mistakes.  I’ve included a link to some past The Block kitchens as well for some further inspiration for anyone about to do a kitchen renovation.

And lastly, I’ve been dreaming!  I’m not sure about you, but I’d love to buy a villa in Tuscany and while away my time.  So, this week for those of you who might have this on your ‘dream list’, I’ve included an article that goes through some hidden costs when you do purchase one.


Trending this week

Housing Price Gains In June Quarter

Property prices continue to rise across Australia.

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Postcodes Add More Value Than Street Name

Did you know apartment prices can differ by $800,000 in the same street?!

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Melbournes Property Price Growth Outpaces Sydney

Hobart isn't far behind! Take a look at your city.

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The Block Kitchen Week Room Reveals

Wow!  Check out the 5 kitchens revealed this week.

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The Block’s Best Kitchens

Inspiration kitchens from past seasons of The Block

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Buying a dream luxury overseas property?

I wish!  Here are some hidden costs to think about.

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