Top Finance and Property Sites, Apps & Plugins

In a world over-saturated with finance, budgeting and property resources, it’s easy to be a little overwhelmed with where to start. Luckily we’re here to help sort the trash from the treasure and have highlighted 4 sites, apps or plugins that we think are must haves.

Prepare your personal finances

iPhone & Android Apps

When it comes to budgeting, you can’t go past Pocketbook. Created by two Australian’s from Wolli Creek, Pocketbook takes away the need to laboriously enter in every detail of your personal finances. The apps focus is on automation – it syncs with the bank accounts you select. From there it can automatically detect patterns, such as; when you get paid, when your bills arrive and when they will next be due. You can also add bills in manually if needed. One of the top features has to be the “Safely Spend” budget. You set your weekly budget and as you spend it the counter goes down – this feature is especially useful for those who have a monthly pay cycle. Other features include: ability to add notes to transactions, take photos of receipts, or geo-locate where a transaction has taken place.


Pocketbook App

Find your perfect suburb

Site & Plugin
Microburbs is one of a kind – a free property data service that gives you a complete overview of every detail about a suburb, street or specific address. It gives a rating on different aspects of the area, such as: lifestyle, affluence, family, convenience, tranquillity, communications and community. It enables you to view planning applications for property developments submitted to the council in the area, gives a breakdown of the sales history of nearby properties, and has investor data with indicators such as: property price growth, median rent, sales in the past year and average time on the market. Microburbs can go even further than that and give you a break down on: the NAPLAN ranking of nearby schools, average commute times to and from the city and the demographics of the neighbourhood. Lastly the best feature is you can download a plugin to your browser that provides detailed reports and scores for every property page you visit!


Microburbs plugin

Find your perfect property &
Site & iPhone, Android Apps

There isn’t an easier way to find the perfect property for you. Whether renting or buying, both apps and websites user-friendly focus allows you to narrow down your options by suburb, price and property requirements easily. With contact details for real estate and leasing agents on every listing, it takes away the extra legwork required to get the property you want. The website versions also allow you to search for the price estimate of any property and find a real estate agent in your area who can provide you with the local knowledge and the expertise required to help you sell your property. For those of you interested in commercial properties, check out and


Domain App

REA_Screen Website



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