This Week In Australian Property #51

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  • by Leanne Brinkies
  • 25 Sep

Hi everyone!

After a little hiatus, our newsletter This Week In Australian Property is back up and running.

To start back, we have a great article from that looks at suburb prices and how they have changed over the last year.  This is great information for both buyers and sellers.  We’re buying this year, so I’ve been running different suburbs through the tool to see what’s happening in the market.  Amazingly our number one pick suburb has dropped -18%, while our second suburb choice is up +5% – and they sit next to each other!  Please do go check this out.

Despite an overall drop in house prices being seen across the market, new data out is showing home loan sizes are on the increase. Take a look to see why the experts think this is the case.

It’s Spring, so even in a slowing market, this will be the busiest time of year to buy or sell your home.  We’ve added some tips on buying at auction to the site for those about to go through this nerve-racking ordeal!  Good luck!

For any property investors, don’t forget to maximise your tax deductions. A good article this week shows the commonly missed items – it’s worth checking to see you have these covered.

What’s a newsletter without an update from The Block.  It was hallway, laundry and powder room week with the reveal and judging on Sunday.  For renovation inspiration for these rooms take a look at what each couple produced.

And lastly, I’ve included the auction results from the weekend.

If there’s anything you want us to include in the newsletter going forward please let me know.


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