Who is Online Home Loans? Online Home Loans is the new and easy way to get a home loan. If you’re reading this –on your PC, or via your tablet or mobile - YOU are why  Online Home Loans has been created.   Online is increasingly the way that Australians choose to interact, whether it’s to find out more about businesses and brands, research information, or efficiently find and buy things.
Did you know that Australia is the second highest market for online buying across the Asia-Pacific?!
However, despite the big shift to online, the way to get a home loan has largely remained the same. We think this is crazy! That’s why we’ve put together a very different team to help you make your important decision on your home loan.   Yes, we have top home loan experts, but our market knowledge is also backed by our team of specialist experts in customer experience, digital, data and technology.  We believe this strong knowledge base makes a real difference to the home loans service we provide you.   Whether it’s a loan for your first home, or you’ve built an enviable property empire, we can help. Online Home Loans makes the home loan process streamlined, simple and painless. Want to chat with us?  Click here  

Our Team

Murray Lees – Co-Founder

Murray Lees – Co-Founder

Murray has an enormous amount of home loans expertise to help you find your loan – 32 years of it in fact. He started as a mortgage broker, before shaking up the market by creating Australia’s largest broker network, which today looks after over 2,500 brokers. There’s not much that Murray doesn’t know in this space!

Leanne Brinkies – Co-Founder

Leanne Brinkies – Co-Founder

Leanne is one of the most experienced digital professionals in Australia. With over 21 years of online experience and a passion for all things interior design, she is curating all of the content on the site - bringing you interesting facts and information to help you on your buying journey. If there's anything you want us to feature, let her know!

Sylvia MacFarlaine - General Manager

Sylvia MacFarlaine - General Manager

Sylvia has over 20 years of experience as as CPA and lending specialist with a focus on the SME market, coaching and business development. Entrepreneurial by nature, she has a genuine passion to leave a credible influence and impact in the financial services industry.

James Yousif - National Lending Executive

James Yousif - National Lending Executive

James has over 12 years of experience within the banking & finance sector. He has a passion for delivering exceptional customer experience whilst building relationships with his peers and clients. Give him a call!

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